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Caitlin McShane is a brand strategist, digital marketer and media whisperer. Issues of gender justice – tackled through a racial and economic justice lens – guide Caitlin’s approach to public relations, advocacy, and messaging. As a principal at EMC Communications, Caitlin develops communications campaigns on issues including women’s economic empowerment and gender equity, and leads the firm’s integrated digital marketing practice.

Prior to joining EMC Communications, Caitlin led marketing and communications at Opportunity Fund, including serving as a primary spokesperson for the organization in English and Spanish. Particularly adept at developing thought leaders to advance brand strategy, Caitlin’s work resulted in Opportunity Fund spokespeople being sought out by top tier media outlets and major convenings.

Gender and racial justice have been at the core of Caitlin’s career from her earliest days working in women’s health and workforce diversity at The California Wellness Foundation, where she annually facilitated $4 million in grants to women’s health organizations and healthcare and workforce diversity efforts.

With a keen understanding of digital media, Caitlin has produced award-winning integrated digital campaigns and interactive websites, and is an in-demand speaker and advisor on the use of social media in cause marketing.

Issues of racial equity and economic justice are important to Caitlin. She and her husband are raising their family in San Rafael.

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