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Equal Rights Advocates

Positioning Equal Rights Advocates as a Policy and Thought Leader on Gender Justice

Organization: Equal Rights Advocates
Focus Areas: Gender Equity, Economic Justice, Policy Advocacy

"EMC has effectively positioned ERA as thought leaders and subject matter experts through strategic media outreach targeted at journalists, policymakers, partners, and like-minded individuals. They have enabled us to engage in crucial national conversations, such as the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade; amplify state-level, co-sponsored bills like our Stronger California legislation that benefits millions of women and families in California; and release relevant research. EMC has proven to be a trusted partner in our endeavors."


With women’s economic and reproductive freedom increasingly at risk, in 2021 EMC Communications collaborated with Equal Rights Advocates (ERA), a distinguished gender justice organization, to amplify their work and influence the public narrative. Utilizing a comprehensive public relations strategy, EMC Communications highlighted ERA’s work on issues such as pay equity, reproductive justice, and worker and student rights, thereby increasing their visibility among key audiences and influencing critical policy issues affecting all Americans.

Results So Far

  • 500+ media hits with more than 37 million unique views
  • 100+ reporter interviews
  • Op-eds drafted and published in key markets
  • 9 podcast interviews
  • Nearly 200 TV and radio mentions


EMC Communications developed and implemented a comprehensive media relations and thought leadership strategy to enhance ERA’s prominence on vital gender justice issues and engage key stakeholders, including policymakers, donors, and advocates. This strategy included issuing press releases, media statements, and media avails at opportune moments in the news cycle, effectively disseminating ERA’s key initiatives and perspectives and influencing key national conversations.


EMC Communications’ strategic approach to media relations, content strategy, and thought leadership integrated Equal Rights Advocates’ work into the public discourse. By showcasing the organization’s accomplishments and profound expertise, EMC Communications helped ERA connect with key audiences and stakeholders, augmenting their visibility and impact on gender justice issues during a pivotal period for gender justice in our nation’s history. This work demonstrates the persuasive power of a well-executed PR campaign for advocacy organizations seeking to elevate their work and engage with broader audiences.