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All facets of your company have an impact on your brand. From administrative decisions, partnerships, internal and social media interaction, these different aspects mold and shape how your audience sees you – and in turn, how your organization is perceived depends heavily on your branding and messaging.

 A strong messaging strategy establishes not only the authenticity of your brand but also a foundation to distinguish yourself from others and be a voice for your audience. Let’s tell your story the right way.

To be effective, your messaging strategy must align with the following three points:

The values of your organization

Your audience and their values

Your brand story and positioning

We work in tandem with you and research your company’s purpose, values, and goals. Our experts aim to comprehend your motives; simply put, we try to understand how and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

We identify what differentiates you from the other groups, who you’re trying to reach, and what you should be saying to develop trust and build interest from them.

 A thorough analysis of your audience, their demographics, and behaviors is also done to guarantee the message you’re sending aligns with their values. If your audience can relate or empathize with your message, you are generating a connection – a trust that a cookie-cutter approach can’t accomplish.

The focal point of our strategy for you lies in the following brand messaging guidelines:

Clarity: A message that’s crystal clear, purposeful, and most of all, easy to comprehend, comes across as more powerful than one rooted in ambiguity. Our team avoids convoluting your purpose and eliminates any chance of your audience or anyone, really, misconstruing your brand. The more relevant and understandable the story, the easier it is to make a connection.

Conciseness: Instead of overcomplicating and muddying the waters, a straightforward brand message will prove effective for garnering attention and desired engagement. Like clarity, brevity is key, and getting to the point first should be a priority in what you want to say. This doesn’t mean we do away with depth; our aim is always to refine your message using the right language that resonates. 

Captivating: We all know that bland doesn’t cut it. We craft compelling narratives and messages for your brand to ensure the utmost visibility and engagement for whatever your purpose may be, whether that’s a campaign, product, or issue you want to bring awareness to. Thought-provoking storytelling taps into the emotional core of your audience, capturing their attention for your intended cause.

Unlike brand positioning, effective messaging articulates what your values are, your mission, and your unique selling points (USP) in a way that reaches your audience.

We all make decisions based on emotions, whether we realize it or not, and it’s why brand communication should focus on connecting emotionally with the people you’re targeting.

A story alone, as great as it may be, simply isn’t enough. Telling your story, being authentic in the message you convey, and knowing how to consistently communicate this to your audience on different platforms is where the art of messaging lies.

Similar to messaging, branding is what sets your company apart from others in the same market as yours. It’s where you tell your intended target why they should support you or why this particular product can benefit them in the long run. It plays a major part in your communications, so it must remain consistent throughout your many channels.

Through both of these, you build trust with your intended audience. With transparent consistent messaging and the necessary visuals to go along with it, EMC Communications amplifies your impact whether you’re a non-profit with a cause, or an up-and-coming business carving its own spot in the market.

Marketing & Communication:

        • PowerPoint presentations
        • Media kits
        • Case studies
        • Infographics
        • Newsletters
        • Web content
        • Blog posts


Corporate/ Organizational Documents:

        • Biographies
        • Mission or vision statements

          Informational Docs or Analytics:

                • Reports
                • Fact sheets
                • White papers


          Public & Media Relations:

                • Testimony
                • Op-eds
                • Letters to the editor
                • Press releases
                • Media advisories

Help Us In Telling Your Story Together

By collaborating, EMC Communications can craft narratives and brand messaging strategies that are both compelling and effective. We are your partner in communicating exactly who you are as a brand and what it is you do to your target market. If you’re ready to take the next step in your campaign, please contact us by filling out the quick contact form below or calling us at (415) 289 9258.