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When organizations are faced with the looming issues of reputation management in the face of a crisis, responding swiftly and strategically to public challenges is essential, even for purpose-driven organizations. We understand these concerns and have crafted strategies to manage such crises, ensuring your reputation remains unscathed, even during hard times.

PR crisis management is a specialized discipline within public relations that strives to protect and repair company reputation during and after a crisis.

A crisis can manifest in numerous ways – a contentious statement from a key figure in your organization, accidents, or an online backlash that damages your reputation.

During these turbulent times, PR crisis management comes to the fore, reducing the adverse impact on your organization’s image, rebuilding trust with the public, and steering a course toward recovery.

EMC Communications have developed PR crisis management strategies to incorporate the unique challenges faced by companies and organizations alike. Our bespoke approach ensures that, even during crises, your mission and values remain at the forefront.

The Importance and Benefits of PR Crisis Management

A mishandled PR crisis can diminish trust with your audience, donors, funders, clients and volunteers. It can make employees unhappy, and attract unwanted attention from regulators. These are all reasons EMC is committed to skilled PR crisis management in our connected and changing world.

Effects of PR Crises

A mishandled PR crisis can send shockwaves across a company, hitting hard in crucial areas:

Reputation: A PR crisis can quickly harm a company’s image. At EMC, we understand how much time and effort goes into building a good reputation.

Trust: Trust is vital in all relationships between a company and its customers, employees, investors, and the public. A PR crisis can seriously damage this trust, which EMC works hard to build and keep.

Financial Health: A PR crisis can hurt a company’s money situation, causing loss of customers, lower sales, and dropping share prices.

Employee Morale: Crises can also create issues within a company, making employees unhappy and making it harder to keep and attract talented people.

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On the other hand, good PR crisis management can lessen these problems, protect a company’s reputation, and even strengthen its relationships with key people.

Here’s why EMC’s skilled crisis management is so valuable:

  • We can help control the harm a crisis can cause. We act quickly and suitably to help prevent a crisis from worsening.


  • Our team provides clear and ongoing communication during a crisis, helping to comfort key people and rebuild their trust.


  • Our exemplary crisis management can help a company fix its image following a PR nightmare. EMC demonstrates responsibility and a commitment to improving and helping companies regain public trust.


  • We believe every well-handled crisis is a chance to learn and improve, leading to better strategies and being ever-ready for future situations.


For example, consider a tech company that has a data breach exposing user data. A poor response could lead to a significant loss of user trust, falling share prices, and potential legal trouble.

However, with EMC’s skilled PR crisis management, the company can control the damage, reassure its key people, and set a recovery plan.

Public Relations Crisis Management: Core Principles

Reputation Management

Your business’s reputation is its public image—it’s how your customers, partners, and the wider world see you. This crucial aspect often drives customer choices and business results, and we prioritize safeguarding and uplifting it.

Want a more in-depth look at reputation management strategies and their part in PR crisis management?

PR Planning & Strategy

Successful PR crisis management at EMC is not just about responding—it’s about careful planning and intelligent strategies. This forward-thinking approach lets your company handle a crisis effectively and bounce back stronger.

Want to learn the details of PR planning and strategy and their role in strengthening PR crisis management?

Our approach is comprehensive and segmented into three pivotal phases: Preparation, Response, and Recovery.

These stages are not merely steps but rather interconnected components that work harmoniously to ensure effective crisis management and recovery.


As the saying goes, “Forewarned is forearmed.” Our initial focus lies in:

        • Identifying Potential Pitfalls: We meticulously assess your organization’s landscape, highlighting areas that have the potential to lead to crises.
        • Assembling the Crisis Task Force: We help form a robust crisis management team, an ensemble of essential individuals equipped to handle emergency scenarios.
        • Crafting the Blueprint: We develop tailored crisis management plans and communication strategies that align with your organization’s ethos and objectives.
        • Preparing Your Champions: We provide bespoke training to your staff, empowering them to handle potential crises with resilience and composure.


When a crisis strikes, a swift and strategic response is needed, which is where our expertise shines:

        • Determining Crisis Magnitude: We start by assessing the extent and severity of the crisis, setting the stage for a strategic response.
        • Putting the Plan into Action: We implement the premeditated crisis management plan, ensuring a coordinated and decisive response.
        • Maintaining Open Channels: We communicate transparently and effectively with your stakeholders, ensuring they’re informed and engaged.
        • Holding the Reins of the Narrative: We monitor media coverage and public reactions, guiding the narrative towards a more balanced perspective.


Once the immediate crisis is alleviated, recovery comes in. The recovery phase focuses on rebuilding and fortifying for the future:

        • Assessing the Aftermath: We evaluate your organization’s response to the crisis, identifying areas for improvement and adjusting the plan accordingly.
        • Reconstructing Your Image: We help rebuild your organization’s image and reputation, aligning public perception with your core values and strengths.
        • Reestablishing Stakeholder Trust: We restore stakeholder confidence through clear, continuous communication, highlighting your organization’s commitment to transparency and progress.
        • Future-proofing Your Organization: We assist in developing long-term strategies to prevent future crises, ensuring your organization is better prepared to weather storms.

Our three-fold approach requires rigorous planning, expert knowledge, and a flair for adaptability. When these three components are in sync, they form the bedrock of crisis management that mitigates the crisis and strengthens your organization concurrently.

We also provide “Crisis Communications Playbooks” for our clients. These guides outline the policies and procedures unique to each organization’s management and regulatory structure, that helps everyone follow the same path through a crisis as a team.

Are You Prepared for Your Next Public Relations Crisis?

Crisis management is an integral aspect of public relations, vital for protecting and enhancing an organization’s reputation during crises. Effective PR crisis management requires anticipation, preparation, and strategic response to navigate the challenges of a crisis successfully.

Want to learn more about how EMC Communications can assist your organization during crises? Schedule a consultation by filling out our contact form or calling us to learn more!